Mildred Ruth Atubo

Retired Teacher, SENCo and Advisory Teacher (UK Civil Service)

On arriving from Uganda where she was a Secondary School teacher (taught in Ngora High School, Lira Town College, Jinja Girls School and Tororo Girls School) to the UK in 1990, Mildred worked as a teacher in Sunbury Manor School and as an Advisory Teacher at Hillingdon Local Authority, working across many schools in the local authority. She also worked as a teacher and Head of Special Needs (SENCo) in Harlington School. She retired in December 2019.

Mildred has attained three Masters degrees, in:1) Environmental and Climate Change; 2)Bilingualism in Education and 3) Special Needs in Education. Her Masters degrees have been attained at different periods, including after her undergraduate degree in Geography after which she pursued her Masters in Climate and Environment Change. During her role at the Local Authority she undertook her Masters in Bilingualism in Education to gain insight into the impact of first languages in learning especially for children who speak English as a second language in addition to other languages. Subsequently, she took-up a post as the Head of Special Educational Needs and opportunity for her to develop her skills in education by focussing on children with Special Educational Needs and how to support their needs within mainstream education in UK schools.

Mildred continually keeps herself up-to-date on the changes and needs within the Ugandan education system, through former colleagues in Uganda and her personal involvement albeit at small levels, with schools in her local birthplace in Uganda. She has addressed school assemblies and fundraised for small projects to support the development of education within those communities.

Sharon Atubo

Senior Policy Adviser (UK Civil Service)

After completing her undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations, Sharon worked in a Member of Parliament’s office in the House of Commons. She then moved into a private sector role, which involved working closely with various government Departments and private sector organisations, to assess the government’s estates rationalisation process. Subsequently, Sharon joined the Civil Service and has built up her expertise in policy-making. She has worked in various government Departments and her roles have involved: programme management, working in a Minister’s private office, strategy and developing policies to support vulnerable people who are in or at risk of Fuel Poverty. More recently, Sharon has worked on Customs EU Exit Policy and the adoption of future International Agreements between the UK and various countries.

Additionally, she has experience of working on government Spending Reviews.

Sharon has a Masters in International Conflict Analysis, which has developed her knowledge in areas such as Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation, Counter-terrorism and International Development.  She has experience of working with development organisations from Sri Lanka and Uganda.

Adeeba Khan

Project Assistant, National Children’s Bureau

On completion of her undergraduate degree in History, Adeeba worked in Special Education Needs (SEN) schools at both primary and secondary levels. During these years she went on to complete a Master’s in Emerging Economies and International Development, this strengthened her interest in children’s development both nationally and internationally. Since then she has taken up a position for the National Children’s Bureau working as a project assistant for their corporate service sector.

Kaili Siwaily


After completing her undergraduate degree in LLB Law, Kaili started her legal career as a paralegal in Shanghai for some months. She later started her Masters in Public Policy and Securitisation, where Kaili found her interests in Corruption, Fraud and Political Risk and completed her dissertation on applying constructivist theories in the Middle East. Subsequently, Kaili joined a small firm to start her security risk career and began interning as a Middle East and North Africa Political Risk Intern where she would report daily on all the economic, political and other security risks in the region. More recently, Kaili’s current role in Intelligence pertains more towards security risks associated to individuals. She has gained experience of working with firms and organisations globally, including China and Iraq. 

Amani Abdel-Aziz

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

During her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Amani undertook a module in ‘Counselling Skills with Children and Adolescents’, which involved seminars on theoretical knowledge and practise through a placement with a child. Amani was required to collect written observations on the child each week which contributed as evidence for a 5,000 word case study at the end of the module. Amani was enthralled to see her involvement in the ‘selectively mute’ child she had first met, becoming a more confident and integrated part of the class. This experience solidified Amani’s passion to make a positive impact on children’s education and well being.  

Upon graduating, Amani began to work in a range of educational settings to do just this. This has ranged from mainstream schools, internal behaviour units and specialist schools for children with severe special needs.  She has worked with age groups ranging from early years; ensuring that each child has access to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS 7) areas of learning, all the way up to secondary school; in which she supported children with a statement of special education needs ranging from speech and language difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and more, in their GCSEs. Amani has supported students with educational, emotional, psychological and behavioural needs. Due to her experience, she is currently employed as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) and has since starting teaching and covering her own lessons.  

Amani is also an artist and plans to train as an Art Psychotherapist with children. This will allow her to combine her work experience within education with her passions for art and mental well-being.

Maurice Okello -Ekwang

Retired Deputy Security Officer

Maurice worked as a Police Inspector in the Uganda Police Force for 10 years; from 1977 to 1987.

In 1990 Maurice left Uganda and moved to Sweden where he lived with his family for seven years and subsequently moved to the UK in 1997 where he is now settled.

In 2000 Maurice was employed as a Support Worker with Stonham Housing Group where his role was mailnly to …..He then pursued a degree in Housing at South Bank University, and graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in 2012.

After graduating, Maurice was employed as Deputy Security Officer by SERGO Business Organisation that carries out ‘Design and Build’ Commercial Properties for rental. He worked with SERGO from 2013 until 2019 when he retired.

David Durston

Retired British Airways Crew Reporting Officer

Upon completing his course at Thames Valley University (Slough), David worked at the Electrical and Musical Industries (EMI Electronics) for seven years and subsequently worked for British Airways (BA) for forty one years till his retirement.

At EMI David worked as a Production Planning Clerk and later as an Estimating Clerk. His team dealt with the production of Television Cameras and Studio Broadcasting Equipment.
He joined BA as a Cabin Crew Roster Clerk and a full Rosterer where he was responsible for documenting Cabin Crew check-in and check-out for flights around the world. Then he became a Trip Planner where he created Time-table working-block rosters for Cabin and Flight Crew.

David was based at Heathrow Airport for most of his work life except for a brief moment prior to retirement when he worked at Gatwick Airport where he planned trips and rosters for the 737 Flight Crew.
Family life and Church life are very important to David.

Nirmal Thethi

Civil Servant and Learning Support Administrator

Nirmal Thethi, worked as a Civil Servant for the Department of Works and Pension for 22 years. Afterwards she joined the Education Sector and has been working with Special Needs Children for 17 years.

She is very passionate about helping these children; who have various challenges, physically, emotionally and socially. Most of them were born with these challenges; all which will be faced by them throughout their lives.

Nirmal strongly believes that every child, no matter what ethnic and social background they are from has a right to an education. Every child matters and the individual has the potential to achieve and could become a key member of the nation; even the next Prime Minister given the chance.
Nirmal is married and has a family of two sons and a daughter in law. She values her family unit, which is their strength and potential. They are all passionate that they can make a difference to children of the future.